wolfgang bauer
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Wolfgang Bauer Poems
By Wolfgang Bauer

Don't be afraid of life breaking you,
Because it will.
You will die that's a fact.
Why dwell on it while you're still here?

Don't be afraid of unsurmountable obstacles,
Stop whining and feeling sorry for yourself when you fail and fall.
Laugh it off,
Get the hell up and try again.
If you don't,
You might as well be dead.

Don't be afraid of love breaking you,
Because it will...but you must love,
Must risk being hurt, rejected, laughed at, even slaughtered,
You'll get your moments of salvation but
If you love too safe,
You might as well be dead.

Don't be afraid to try anything and everything,
Because time is passing while you read this.
Give and love, take and taste, smell
And listen carefully to the sound of the voice of the one you love so much,
It will stay with you forever.

Wolfgang Bauer

By Wolfgang Bauer

The kingsize bed is vacant and the sheets unwashed.
A man masturbates alone in the shower to the sad sounds of draining water.
A woman watches Jersey-shore with her children.
Which awesome movie will you see tonight?

The morning came up faster than you were expecting.
Today's winners are tomorrows corpses.
Some might concur, we celebrate our conquests, while they eat our hearts.
Is socialism such an enemy?

Crickets chirp in the sunset while China celebrates economic reform.
The Holy Father saves his children from abortion.
Humans are bread to be harvested, Thanksgiving is a time to thank.
It's darker meat we choose to feast our bellies on.

The war ingests us like a hungry God who stampedes everything in his path
We are the rocket rain of deadly fire that illuminate the skies
The deadly scull-cracking hoofs.
Is it compassion that you feel or just the fear that someday they might come for you?

One postulates that all the sheep obey religion
which helps our state to stay the course of righteousness.
One child comes out another one gives in, another on just needs an extra push to act
Don't close your eyes and think that there is nothing you can do.

Get up from comfort food and couch potato naps,
Antacids will not heal that Burning Heart of yours.
breathe in, then take one step, breath out, Ahhh - take another one.
The Heart beats faster, and the Burn is gone.


By Wolfgang Bauer

The creative force,
Dormant inside,
Must be
Awakened and nourished,
Calibrated and tended to,
Let loose while tamed.

My gifted friend,
This force inside of you,
Unchallenged and bored,
It woke itself and fed on junk.
Untended it turned loose,
Grew stronger and stronger,
Stronger than yourself.
One last bout to fight it,
It turned against you and destroyed you.
It took you from me, from all of us.
I will miss you forever.